• Always cleanse your face before dermaplaning! Once you have clean skin apply DermaRi Aloe Gel, facial oil or serum of your choice.

  • Dermaplane in the direction your hair grows.

  • Always make sure you Dermaplane with a clean blade.

  • Use light pressure when Dermaplaning.

  • Use the reusable terry cotton pads to clean the blade while you’re Dermaplaning.

  • Dermaplane at night or on a day when you aren’t putting makeup on immediately.


  • Don’t leave your Derma Blade uncapped when not in use.

  • Don’t rush your Dermaplaning. (We recommend at least 10-15 minutes to Dermaplane)

  • Don’t Dermaplane unless your face and hands are clean.

  • Don’t use product with active ingredients during the process or immediately following your Dermaplane session.

  • Don’t use serum that contains any active ingredients.